Vodacom Tanzania PLC finally opens its M-Pesa API’s to developers

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Vodacom Tanzania has opened its M-Pesa Application Programing interface (API) in a move set to entice local and international developers into creating innovative new use cases for the leading mobile payments service.

Vodacom M-Pesa, the country’s leading mobile financial system has undergone lots of transformation over the years including a historic migration and upgrade to a second-generation platform which is robust, faster, more secure and futuristic and more importantly hosted locally in Tanzania for easier maintenance. The platform has since then diversified earning accolades and international recognition including a GSMA certification.

While addressing developers and Fintech ecosystem stakeholders Hisham Hendi, MD, Vodacom Tanzania said the opening of the M-Pesa API App is another step to fuel innovation in Tanzania around Fintech and digital business.

“As a company with a vision to digitize Tanzania, we support the innovation ecosystems to come up with solutions that transform lives which is why we have now opened our API’s making it easier for your businesses and developers to integrate with our M-Pesa system allowing you to test and enable a wide range of extra capabilities to the system that will bring real change.”

The opening up of M-PESA API’s complements other recent ingenuities by the company like Lipa Kwa Simu an interoperable service, international Money transfers (IMT) and the M-Pesa App all aimed at creating a cashless society and driving a digital economy.

“The fully-fledged development infrastructure enables businesses to work independently with their developers and opens space for innovations in re-designing their payment interface independently, creating a customized payment system without directly engaging us,” Hisham noted.

On his part, Epimack Mbeteni, director, Vodacom M-Pesa said the new open M-PESA API enhances digital user experience making it more convenient, faster and efficient to integrate payments systems onto the M-PESA financial services platform. He called on developers to make use of them and devise new applications for business-to-consumer, consumer-to-business and business-to-business that can be plugged into the open tech backbone.

“With the Open M-Pesa API’s it is now faster and easier for you to test the integration of your prototypes with our system, we hope to see more ideas, applications and businesses tap into our vast system to offer more and improved services to customers”, he concluded.

Customers and end-users will benefit from the innovation of developers in getting more customized payment services. It also opens up possibilities for further innovation of unique service options associated with M-Pesa. The opening of the M-Pesa API is another step towards achieving Vodacom’s drive to promote a digital society by fueling innovation.


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