Instalment payments in demand in France, Ecommerce News Europe reveals


Ecommerce News Europe has revealed that 30% of France-based consumers have already resorted to instalment payments.

According to Ecommerce News Europe, instalment payments, in which a customer pays the bill in small portions throughout a fixed period of time, are gaining market share in France.

Moreover, a survey carried out by Galitt among over 750 France-based consumers shows the used payment methods when shopping online in France. The Payment & Digital Barometer shows that 56% use PayPal, 30% use instalment payments, while 29% use a Buy Now, Pay Later solution.

Among the share of French people who pay in instalments, about eight in ten do this without credit, four in ten do it with credit, and 20% use both. Besides, consumers who use split payments are often customers of online-only banks, hold a card with systematic authorisation, prefer new payment methods, and are aged 35 years or younger.


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