Global: Mastercard Introduces GenAI Retail Assistant for Personalized Shopping Experience

Mastercard Introduces GenAI Retail Assistant for Personalized Shopping Experience
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Mastercard has introduced a new AI-driven retail assistant, Shopping Muse, designed to provide shoppers with personalized product recommendations. Developed by Dynamic Shield, an entity acquired by Mastercard from McDonald’s two years ago, the tool aims to replicate the in-store, human shopping experience by understanding customers’ casual language and tailoring product suggestions accordingly. It goes beyond basic recommendations, offering insights into coordinating products and accessories.

Shopping Muse enables users to search for trending looks, dress codes, and even unconventional terms like ‘cottagecore’ or ‘beach formal’. The tool ensures that the recommendations align with users’ unique profiles, intent, and preferences, and it continually improves its suggestions by learning from the context of ongoing conversations.

Ori Bauer, CEO of Dynamic Yield, emphasized the importance of personalization in delivering the desired shopping experiences. He stated, “By harnessing the power of generative AI in Shopping Muse, we’re meeting the consumer’s standards and making shopping smarter and more seamless than ever.” The introduction of Shopping Muse reflects Mastercard’s commitment to leveraging AI-driven innovation for a more immersive and tailored online shopping environment.

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