Cameroonian startup launches to digitise business cards

Cameroonian startup launches to digitise business cards
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Cameroonian startup Taaply is focused on digitising business cards in a bid to cut down on carbon emissions in Africa.

Initially founded in the United States (US), Taaply relocated to Cameroon in August of last year. The startup has created a plastic card that stores all a user’s business and personal information in one place.

That card can be updated as many times as possible, removing the need for paper business cards. Users update their card by downloading and updating the Taaply app on Android or iOS. Taaply already has over 400 paying customers, and plans on moving into more new markets this year.

“Africa has a high rate of carbon emissions, with few methods on reducing its carbon footprint. With everything going digital, I believe Africa will benefit tremendously from digitising business cards, thus reducing their carbon footprint and helping the environment,” said Taaply co-founder and chief executive officer (CEO) Lekel Asonganyi.

The self-funded company is finalising distributor contracts and franchise agreements with a view to offering its product in markets such as Chad, Togo, Nigeria, Kenya, Belgium and Canada in 2021.


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