Google partners with Andela and Pluralsight to support 40,000 African developers

Dev andela

Google has partnered with Andela and Pluralsight to launch developer scholarships. The company offers Android, Google cloud, and web scholarships to cover intermediate developers residing within the continent.

On offer to developers are 40,000 scholarships that cut out across mobile and cloud development. The announcement was made at a virtual Google event.

At the end of this training, the top 1000 students will earn a scholarship that certifies them in performing both Android and cloud development.

Google announced an opening of applications for its 6th class of the Google for Startups Accelerator Africa programme. This 3-month program will kick off on June 21st. Included in the training are three intensive training virtual bootcamps, Google product support, and mentorship programmes.

Startups drawn from 17 African countries are invited to participate with Google looking to support their growth and development through crucial growth phases.

Startups in the early growth stages will have access to Google’s people networks and technology. Innovators will receive training on Cloud, Firebase, Android, growth and fundraising, product, data, design, business, growth, labs, and interactive workshops.


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