Global: Thunes Expands Global Footprint Through Enhanced Partnership with Visa

Thunes Expands Global Footprint Through Enhanced Partnership with Visa
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Thunes, a leading fintech company specializing in cross-border payment solutions, has announced a significant expansion of its strategic partnership with Visa. This collaboration aims to extend Thunes’ reach across key markets in Asia and Africa, facilitating seamless transactions to diverse digital wallets and bank accounts.

Under this extended alliance, Visa will leverage Thunes’ extensive network to enable payments to over 108 different types of digital wallets and bank accounts in multiple countries across Africa and Asia. This expansion includes pivotal markets such as Kenya, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Pakistan. Additionally, Thunes will integrate Visa Direct’s capabilities into its platform.

Chris Newkirk, Visa’s Global Head of Commercial & Money Movement Solutions, emphasized the importance of broadening reach and endpoints to enable seamless money movement. He stated, “At Visa, we’re building the infrastructure to enable our partners to move money from any endpoint, to any endpoint, seamlessly. Broadening both our reach and number of endpoints, more than 8.5 billion today, is crucial to achieving that goal. Together with Thunes, we’re broadening the payment ecosystem by connecting to bank accounts, cards, and wallets, ultimately bringing more streamlined payouts capabilities to our joint clients.”

Floris de Kort, CEO of Thunes, highlighted the strategic significance of the partnership with Visa in the context of the ongoing digitization of payments. He remarked, “Our partnership with Visa is more than just a financial investment. We’re engaging with each other’s networks, corridors, and payment methods as payments continue to digitize. There is a crystal clear, untapped opportunity for B2B cross-border payments at scale, and Thunes is delighted to work with Visa to enable these new payment flows.”

By expanding its collaboration with Thunes to facilitate payouts to digital wallets and bank accounts, Visa aims to strengthen its position in capturing the growing market opportunity in the digital payments landscape.

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