Ghana: Vodafone Cash Updates its Fee Structure while Prioritizing Customer Value

Vodafone Cash updates its zero charge offer
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Three years ago, in response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Vodafone Ghana implemented a relief measure for its valued customers. This initiative aimed to ensure that all Vodafone Cash users could conduct seamless money transfers without incurring any associated fees. It underscored Vodafone Ghana’s unwavering commitment to enhancing its customers’ financial well-being and promoting financial inclusion.

Philip Amoateng, Director of Vodafone Cash, expressed, “This was our tangible way of demonstrating our lifelong commitment to our customers’ financial well-being and inclusion during the pandemic.”

In a market where customers were accustomed to paying a 1% fee for all transactions, Vodafone Cash users relished the benefit of conducting fee-free transactions, even when transferring funds across different networks. Remarkably, even after the introduction of the e-levy on May 1, 2022, transactions conducted through Vodafone Cash remained exempt from additional charges. Vodafone Cash customers were only required to pay a 1.5% E-Levy fee.

Maame Adwoa, a small business owner in Accra, shared her experience, saying, “It was such a relief, especially during the pandemic. I had to move most of my business online, and not having to worry about those extra charges really helped.”

In the face of ongoing global economic challenges, Vodafone aims to address the mounting operational costs while continuing to provide affordable and valuable services to its customers. Philip Amoateng emphasized that Vodafone Ghana’s commitment to its customers remains unwavering.

Philip elaborated on the company’s forthcoming changes, revealing that a new Vodafone Cash proposition will be introduced on October 3, 2023.

Under this updated proposition, Vodafone to Vodafone transactions will remain fee-free. However, Vodafone Cash will implement a 0.5% charge for transfers made to other networks, ensuring a sustainable financial model while still offering customers competitive value.

Philip Amoateng further elucidated the new proposition, stating, “Our customers will continue to enjoy the best value with Vodafone Cash. We encourage everyone to trust Vodafone Cash for its convenience, reliability, transparency, and commitment to providing the best value in the market.”

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