Nigeria: NIGCOMSAT and Momas Partner to Enhance Communication Infrastructure

NIGCOMSAT and Momas Partner to Enhance Communication Infrastructure
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To bolster communication infrastructure within Nigeria’s defense sector, Nigerian Communications Satellite Limited (NIGCOMSAT) and Momas Equipment and Protective Applications International Limited (Momas-EPAIL) have entered into a strategic partnership. The collaboration aims to enhance national security by improving communication capabilities and data management for the defense sector.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed on Saturday at the Momas-EPAIL factory in Mowe, Ogun State. The event was attended by officials from both organizations.

Key Objectives of the Partnership:

  1. Enhance National Security: The partnership will support effective communication within the defense sector, thereby boosting national security.
  2. Improve Data Collection: It will aid in building a robust database and enhance data collection for security purposes.

Statements from Key Stakeholders:

Nkechi Egerton-Idehen, Managing Director of NIGCOMSAT: Egerton-Idehen praised Momas-EPAIL for its innovative contributions to national security and emphasized the importance of local content development in the power, defense, and other sectors. She highlighted the historic nature of the partnership, noting that Momas-EPAIL is involved in manufacturing defense materials, while NIGCOMSAT is Nigeria’s premier satellite communication company. She urged other indigenous companies to collaborate with NIGCOMSAT to strengthen the nation’s communication network, emphasizing that security is a top priority for the country.

“Today is very historic because it’s the signing of a partnership between NIGCOMSAT and Momas-EPAIL. Most people do not know that Momas-EPAIL is involved in the manufacturing of defense materials for security. And NIGCOMSAT is the premier satellite communication company for Nigeria. So, there is value in collaborating in helping our defense sector.”

Egerton-Idehen reiterated NIGCOMSAT’s commitment to serving Nigeria through innovative solutions and partnerships, highlighting the need to protect, create value, and embrace advancements in the defense sector.

Kola Balogun, Chairman of Momas-EPAIL: Balogun expressed confidence that the partnership with NIGCOMSAT would significantly improve the defense sector’s communication infrastructure and data collection capabilities. He mentioned that Momas-EPAIL has developed substantial knowledge-based information to safeguard the security network. The company has made significant strides in providing armored vehicles and advanced operational materials.

He noted that the MoU would facilitate the exchange of critical security, intelligence, and communication information, ensuring that vital data is securely managed and localized.

“All the vital information has to be embedded in the agreement such that information that is important to the security of Nigeria can be saved and domesticated. This will further enhance our services and effectiveness towards service delivery to the defense sector.”

About Momas-EPAIL

EPAIL, a subsidiary of the MOMAS Group of Companies, specializes in producing defense-related equipment such as bulletproof vests and ballistic helmets. MOMAS is also known for locally producing electricity meters.

This partnership between NIGCOMSAT and Momas-EPAIL is set to significantly contribute to Nigeria’s defense infrastructure, ensuring enhanced security and effective communication within the sector.

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