Nigeria: NDPC Relaunches Registration Portal for Prospective DPCOs to Bolster Data Protection in Nigeria

NDPC Relaunches Registration Portal for Prospective DPCOs to Bolster Data Protection in Nigeria
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The Nigeria Data Protection Commission (NDPC) has announced the reopening of its registration portal for organizations aspiring to become Data Protection Compliance Organizations (DPCOs). This initiative reflects NDPC’s steadfast commitment to promoting accountability and transparency in data processing practices nationwide.

Following the closure of the registration portal in 2023, NDPC has revamped the platform to accommodate new DPCO applicants. Operating under a robust Public-Private Partnership model, NDPC licenses private organizations to oversee, audit, and report on compliance by Data Controllers and Data Processors, as mandated by Section 33 of the Nigeria Data Protection Act, 2023. This distinctive model, exclusive to Nigeria, has garnered global recognition from Data Protection Authorities.

Surging Demand for DPCOs

Amidst an estimated 500,000 Data Controllers operating in Nigeria, the demand for DPCOs has witnessed a significant surge. Presently, NDPC has licensed approximately 183 DPCOs, indicating substantial opportunities for additional partnerships.

Beyond mere regulatory compliance, NDPC envisions the registration of new DPCOs as a catalyst for fostering a robust data protection culture in Nigeria. By promoting awareness, conducting audits, ensuring compliance, and enhancing capacity-building initiatives, DPCOs play a pivotal role in safeguarding individuals’ privacy rights. Moreover, they bolster trust and confidence in the digital realm while upholding legal and ethical standards in the data protection and privacy ecosystem.

Prospective DPCOs are encouraged to kick-start the registration process by visiting

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