Niger Telecoms to Expand Reach to Remote Areas with 16 New Sites

Niger Telecoms to Expand Reach to Remote Areas with 16 New Sites
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Niger Telecoms has announced the installation of 16 new sites to extend mobile telephony services to remote areas. The company highlighted the importance of thorough preparations to ensure these new sites become operational swiftly, providing local communities with access to essential mobile services.

The telco has successfully installed pylons, built solar energy fields, completed civil engineering works, and constructed protective fencing around each site. These measures aim to ensure the network’s reach, security, and long-term operational stability.

Niger Telecom, established on September 28, 2016, from the merger of SONITEL (managing fixed telephony) and SahelCom (handling mobile telephony and connections), has yet to disclose the next phase of this ambitious project.

“This achievement is part of a national program aimed at providing reliable and extensive connectivity across Niger,” stated the company.

Currently, only 38.2% of Niger’s vast territory has telecom coverage, which serves 78% of the population. Niger Telecoms, the country’s longstanding operator, covers just 51.8% of the geographical area, catering to approximately 59.9% of the population. Mobile telephony and internet penetration rates stand at 65% and 32%, respectively.

As part of its national network expansion program, the state-run telecom firm aims to enhance its competitive edge by connecting thousands more Nigeriens, with a particular focus on the mobile sector.

According to official data from 2023, Niger Telecom ranks as the fourth-largest player in the mobile telephony market, trailing behind Airtel (46%), Zamani Telecom (30%), and Moov Africa (18%). With 1.02 million subscribers, the company holds a 6% market share. Niger Telecoms reiterates its mission to provide coverage across the entire country, including the most isolated areas.

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