Kenya: Metrofile Kenya Launches Innovative Cloud Services to Transform Data Management

Metrofile Kenya Launches Innovative Cloud Services to Transform Data Management
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Metrofile, a frontrunner in document management and digital solutions across East Africa, is excited to introduce its cutting-edge cloud services. This new development is a key component of the company’s strategy to enhance data security, improve access, and ensure compliance with evolving regulatory frameworks.

Tailored specifically for the Kenyan market, Metrofile’s cloud services address the pressing issues faced by local businesses, such as managing growing volumes of data, safeguarding against security threats, and adhering to the Data Protection Act. “Our cloud services go beyond mere data storage; they empower businesses to excel in the digital age, ensuring their data is secure and easily accessible,” remarked Jackline Mburu, Managing Director of Metrofile in East Africa.

Advancing Data Management Standards

Metrofile’s cloud infrastructure is robust, backing up over 1.3TB of business data daily and protecting against more than a million threats each month. It provides continuous uptime to keep businesses running smoothly, ensuring reliability when it’s most critical.

The service is uniquely priced in local currency to shield customers from exchange rate fluctuations, offering predictable costs. Its data centers, located within Kenya, not only facilitate compliance and enhanced performance but also provide stability, which is essential for fostering growth and innovation.

“We’re committed to more than just technological advancements; our goal is to support our customers through flexible payment options and dedicated local service,” said Steve Porter, Managing Director of Metrofile Cloud.

Empowering Customers Through a Self-Service Portal

Central to Metrofile’s cloud solution is an intuitive Self-Service Portal that enables customers and resellers to effortlessly manage their cloud services. This platform allows users to access, manage, and monitor their services independently, offering a degree of control necessary for today’s fast-moving business environments.

Fueling Kenya’s Digital Progress

The launch of these cloud services is part of Metrofile’s significant investment in Kenya’s digital infrastructure, underscoring its commitment to the growth and digital transformation of Kenyan enterprises. “As we begin this digital voyage, we are thrilled to help transition towards a more efficient, secure, and paper-light business ecosystem,” added Porter.

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