Global: The Tokenizer Unveils AI-Enhanced Regulatory Service for Asset Tokenization and Digital Assets

The Tokenizer Unveils AI-Enhanced Regulatory Service for Asset Tokenization and Digital Assets
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COPENHAGEN, Denmark, Jan. 18, 2024 /CNW/ — The Tokenizer proudly introduces The Token RegRadar, a global regulatory service, in an innovative version leveraging advanced AI capabilities. This groundbreaking release incorporates a custom Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) developed in collaboration with Boston-based AI company CustomGPT, featuring on its client list prestigious institutions like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

At the core of The Token RegRadar is an extensive, domain-specific database meticulously assembled by The Tokenizer’s team over the past three years. This regulatory database encompasses legal texts, lawsuits, industry reports, interviews, and more, covering over 80 jurisdictions. Continuously updated through diverse sources, it serves as the foundation for an unparalleled regulatory service.

The AI-powered GPT integration enables users to access regulatory information swiftly, providing insights into various aspects of asset tokenization and digital assets. The Token RegRadar caters to a diverse audience, including law firms seeking up-to-date global regulatory information, regulatory authorities, financial services authorities (FSAs), governments, analysts, issuance companies, exchanges, banks, custodians, service providers, asset owners, and companies conducting token issuances.

Alden Do Rosario, CEO of CustomGPT, expressed the transformative potential of GPT when anchored in a comprehensive database. He emphasized CustomGPT’s commitment to supporting companies developing powerful vertical GPTs and expressed satisfaction in collaborating with The Tokenizer on its regulatory GPT focused on tokenization and digital assets.

The Token RegRadar, available as a subscription-based Software as a Service (SaaS) product globally, marks a pivotal moment in The Tokenizer’s journey. CEO and co-founder Michael Juul Rugaard highlighted the service’s origin more than four years ago, recognizing the need for a comprehensive regulatory overview. The integration of AI is a testament to The Tokenizer’s dedication to providing a service that streamlines regulatory understanding, saving time and resources for professionals in the industry.

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