Global: HSBC Introduces Multi-Market Business Account Opening Solution in 20 Markets

HSBC Introduces Multi Market Business Account Opening Solution in 20 Markets 1
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HSBC has unveiled a dedicated digital platform that enables business and corporate clients to initiate account openings for multiple business entities across various markets, all through a unified interface.

Accessible online, this account opening portal seamlessly integrates application forms, secure document exchange features, online tracking, and eSignature capabilities, streamlining the application process and ensuring global consistency, regardless of the specific market or markets where accounts are being established.

David Rice, Chief Operating Officer for Commercial Banking at HSBC, stated, “Facilitating seamless business operations, transactions, and international expansion lies at the heart of HSBC’s mission. This service is set to simplify the underlying processes for achieving this goal, resolving longstanding challenges for businesses with global aspirations.”

The digital account opening portal caters to both primary and subsidiary accounts. Users of the portal will also have access to valuable support tools, including AI-powered Virtual Assistants with multilingual capabilities and in-platform communication with local case managers.

The rollout of this service is scheduled to begin in Q4 in key markets such as Hong Kong, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Qatar, with plans for expansion into additional markets in 2024.

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