Global: AWS and AXA Forge Alliance to Develop Global B2B Risk Management Platform

AWS and AXA Forge Alliance to Develop Global B2B Risk Management Platform
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In a strategic collaboration, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and AXA are joining forces to create a comprehensive global business-to-business (B2B) risk management and prevention platform along with associated software services.

AXA, a prominent insurance and asset management firm, aims to enhance its services for existing clients and extend offerings to AWS clients through the AXA Digital Commercial Platform (DCP) by leveraging AWS analytics capabilities, as announced in a press release on Thursday (April 4).

Scott Gunter, CEO of AXA XL, emphasized the pressing need for resilience amidst the challenges posed by extreme weather events, cyber threats, and other disruptions. Gunter stated, “We believe that building resilience is more essential than ever.”

By collaborating with AWS, AXA seeks to amalgamate the technological prowess of the tech giant with its own expertise in commercial insurance, thereby ushering in the next era of risk management insights and services.

The AXA DCP harnesses industry-specific data, business intelligence, environmental insights, geospatial analytics, and generative artificial intelligence (AI) to empower clients in monitoring assets and mitigating risks such as natural calamities, supply chain disruptions, and cybersecurity breaches.

To deliver the AXA DCP, the company will leverage Amazon Bedrock, a platform offering a suite of foundational models from various AI firms. This integration will furnish corporate clients with real-time data and analytics to identify and evaluate factors influencing their operations and performance.

Moreover, AXA plans to make its services accessible to AWS global clients through AWS Marketplace and the AWS Data Exchange, enabling a wider reach and accessibility for businesses worldwide.

Kathrin Renz, Vice President of AWS Industries, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, emphasizing AWS’s commitment to aiding AXA in delivering secure, compliant services and capabilities powered by advanced technologies like generative AI. Renz remarked, “AWS will help AXA support its business clients, creating secure, compliant new services and capabilities fueled by advanced technologies like generative AI.”

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