Africa: MTN Group MoMo API Hackathon 2023: Empowering African Innovators (Win up to $10,000 in Prizes)

MTN Group MoMo API Hackathon 2023 for entrepreneurs and developers across Africa USD 10000 in prizes
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MTN MoMo stands as a pioneering fintech platform, revolutionizing digital financial services for both consumers and businesses across the African continent. With operations spanning 17 markets, MTN MoMo provides access to a diverse range of services, including payments, e-commerce, insurance, lending, and remittances.

In its relentless commitment to bridging the financial inclusion divide, MTN Group has introduced the MoMo API program, making its Mobile Money platform accessible throughout its entire operational landscape.

Today, MTN extends a cordial invitation to enterprises, entrepreneurs, and developers from all corners of Africa to partake in the 3rd MoMo API Hackathon. This event serves as a unique avenue for creative minds based in countries like Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Ivory Coast, Rwanda, Uganda, and more, to exhibit their innovation by leveraging the MTN mobile money (MoMo) API platform.

By participating in the MoMo API Hackathon, you have the opportunity to craft revolutionary financial applications that will expedite financial inclusion and steer the course of payment digitization in Africa. Together, let’s shape the trajectory of digital finance and empower countless individuals with access to comprehensive and transformative financial services.


This is a team-centric hackathon, accommodating a maximum of 4 members per team. Team formation can occur through mutual invitations or joining existing teams. The hackathon will be active from July 31, 2023, to October 10, 2023. During this period, all hacking must take place. This is an online hackathon, enabling participation from any geographical location. The hackathon revolves around a single theme, with submissions required to align with this theme. Throughout the event, you can submit your hack multiple times, with the final submission being the last one. Innovation is the essence – projects derived from existing sources will be disqualified. Your hack should be fully developed within the hackathon timeframe. Open-source libraries and freely available systems/services are permissible. Intellectual property rights for your code remain with your team. Participation implies acceptance of HackerEarth’s terms and conditions. Prizes:

Top Prizes

First Prize: $5,000 Second Prize: $3,000 Third Prize: $2,000 For Further Details:

Kindly visit the Official Webpage of the MTN Group MoMo Hackathon 2023

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