Africa: Google Announces First Cohort of African Startups for AI First Accelerator Program

Google Unveils 11 African Startups for Inaugural Africa AI First Accelerator program
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Google has revealed the inaugural cohort for its ‘Google for Startups Accelerator: AI First’ program, featuring 11 innovative startups chosen from a pool of talented entrepreneurs who are leveraging cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence to address challenges in Africa and beyond.

The potential of AI in Africa is underscored by a McKinsey report, which suggests that AI could contribute $1.3 trillion to Africa’s GDP by 2030.

The selected startups will embark on a 10-week accelerator journey, during which they will benefit from Google’s AI expertise and receive $350,000 in Google Cloud Credits. Additionally, they will have access to mentorship sessions, technical guidance, and networking opportunities to expand their influence and make a greater impact.

Here are the selected startups:

  1. Avalon Health (South Africa)
  2. Chatbots Africa (Ghana): Leading SMEs into the era of Social Commerce with AI-driven online storefronts.
  3. Dial Afrika Inc (Kenya): Customizing customer support tools for global businesses, with a focus on African SMBs.
  4. Famasi Africa (Nigeria): Developing the OS for pharmacies in emerging markets.
  5. Fastagger Inc (Kenya): Utilizing AI to boost sales and loyalty, supporting the growth of MSMEs.
  6. Garri Logistics (Ethiopia): Digitalizing freight brokerage and transport services.
  7. Izifin (Nigeria): Offering end-to-end credit infrastructure via API for small businesses.
  8. Lengo AI (Senegal): Launching the first Data-Driven OS for the Informal Sector.
  9. Logistify AI (Uganda): Minimizing inventory losses in industrial facilities.
  10. Telliscope (Ethiopia): Providing an AI-enabled business intelligence platform.
  11. Vzy (Nigeria): Revolutionizing website building with AI-driven tools that craft sites in mere minutes.

Folarin Aiyegbusi, Head of Startup Ecosystem, Africa at Google, expressed Google’s commitment to making AI easy and scalable for innovation, emphasizing the transformative potential of AI in addressing local and global challenges. He stated, “Our chosen startups for the ‘AI First’ program embody this vision, leveraging AI in pioneering ways to address both local and global challenges. We’re excited to support and amplify their impact.”

Adeola Ayoola, CEO/Co-founder of Famasi Africa (Nigeria), shared her enthusiasm about joining the program, saying, “Joining the Google for Startups Accelerator: AI First program represents a significant step towards realizing that dream. With Google’s mentorship, we’re confident of scaling our solutions, reaching more pharmacies, and ultimately improving healthcare outcomes.”

Representatives of other startups also expressed their dedication to leveraging AI to create positive change in their respective fields. Google’s consistent support for African startups since 2017 has resulted in these startups raising $263 million collectively and generating over 2,800 job opportunities.

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